Drawing Class: Getting Messy

Wow, so little blogging. Things have been busy because first there was an never-ending summer with the kids, they went back to school, my husband had a massive allergy attack that took a week to recover from, I started work, I started school, and we’re slowly getting in a new groove.

I’m now an art major, kicking off my college reboot with a drawing class. Week two brings the messiness. We started by blocking out our 18 x 24 papers with charcoal.

The teacher put a blurry pic on the overhead and told us to start erasing our charcoaled papers to match with the values. Every few minutes she’d focus the projector a bit more, we’d keep erasing, etc. Eventually it was focused and it looked strange. She had to tell us it was a close up of a calla lily, an abstract photo by Robert Mapplethorpe. Yeah, so Monday I learned photos can be abstract. We had to take the big messes home to finish. Upon googling the image to finish my drawing, I find out she’d shown it to us upside down. It made much more sense to my brain that way.


We have two more to do this way, an abstract sky and a wall that shows depth and perspective.

She sent us on a hike around campus (which had happened in some of my favorite classes) to look for inspiration. Here’s fall looking sexy!





The trees on campus are starting to get all those brilliant fiery shades that make this time of year my favorite. Too bad we aren’t using color in this drawing class.


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