Bio: Secular humanist. Fiber artist. Author. Millennial. Woman. Graphic Arts Student. Substitute Preschool teacher. Caretaker of children and cats. Goofball. Terrible at singing. Good at rollerblading. Feminist. Currently listening to lots of podcasts on my commutes. Grew up Christian, deconverted a couple years ago. Oregonian. Thespian. Probably overdue for a haircut. Mature enough for adult stuff like mortgages, fuel efficient vehicles, and quality boring shoes. Immature enough to laugh at dirty jokes, have a stuffed toy collection, and hate cleaning the kitchen. ENFJ. Into sci-fi and fantasy. Dream job: dragonrider. Fascinated by the huge variety of people in personalities, genders, sexualities, cultures, backgrounds, artistic talents, beliefs and passions. Epicurian. Love the exchange of ideas without personal insults or logical fallacies. Hate cooking and cleaning. Hobby Photographer, artist, knitter, spinner, weaver. Love animals. Learning and growing. Determined not to waste the little time I have alive.

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