Experiment With Watercolor Pencils

I haven’t really loved using my Prismacolor Scholar colored pencils. I went to an art group for the first time a few weeks ago, and everybody there loved watercolors. So I pulled out some watercolor pencils I had bought at an art store. I did this by sketching it first with graphite, and did a combo of the Prismacolors and the watercolor pencils for the color. Some of the results that worked on my practice paper did not do the same thing in the actual piece, so results varied a bit from what I was thinking.


But it was fun to try something different. I had hoped to try watercolors but the used set I got to dabble around with was too old and bad to with with.


The photo source I used was an awful dark and blurry mess around the log, and the layering effects I tried to do did not come across as log like as I would have liked. I do think the otter fur does stand out nicely like I wanted it to. Tune in next time, I’m going to try a capybara!

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