Good Morning!

Hello, my beautiful readers!


What are you doing on this fine morning? Any plans for this week?


Or is your morning not quite so fine? Are you dreading anything?
Here is a photo of my dearies when they were wee kittens having a cuddle for you. May you find some comfort today!


Either way, please drop me a note in the comments letting me know how you are doing and what your plans are.

Today is an errand day for me. I must take the recycling to the Sanitation Department, mail a package, take two children to the dentist, and hopefully fold some laundry as several of us are running low on pants. On the more interesting side, I’ve decided to knit myself a sweater and am going through the process of picking both pattern and yarn. I found a delightful website that instructs you in measuring yourself and then generates a custom pattern for you. I think I’ve got the type of sweater narrowed down, now I need to decide on a color. Golden yellow is calling to me, but so is tonal grey, chocolate brown, teal, and even purple is piping up a bit in the back.

I found a delightful cloche pattern called Tempress and here is my progress thus far:


My gauge is too big (normal for me) but my head is also bigger that the pattern it’s written for, so here’s hoping it evens out in the end.

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