Actual Yarn Content

When I named my blog I specifically choose one to reference yarn and writing. I am a fiber artist with a hefty Ravelry project page. So, the lack of yarn content on this blog is pathetic to me. I did start the blog in a bit of a dry spell. I’ve been working on customs that have been rather time consuming.

However, they’re no good reason not to show you some old stuff. I learned to spin yarn a couple years ago. This is my spinning wheel, Rosie. She’s good to me and we make beautiful yarn babies together.


Currently on her bobbins are two singles. The purple is some Malabrigo merino and the multi colored stuff is either BFL or Faulkland.


I’m seriously considering plying them together. I had hoped to Navajo ply the Malabrigo onto itself but when I tried I got a tangly mess. I think it’s a bit overspun.
Previous yarns Rosie has made with me:


Natural alpaca on top in cocoa, real merino, and more natural alpaca in grey shades. I have a TON of alpaca because there are no less than three alpaca owners/breeders at my knitting group. One of them owns the yarn shop. In my to-spin pile is a good pound of brown alpaca that I hope to blend with wool for a sweater.


A cloche I knit from some handspun BFL:


And finally, my current knitting project, a hooded cape that looks awkward due to bunching on the needles:


So there’s a peek into my yarn world. (And my office. Yes, those are my stuffed animals. I’ve had that penguin since I was a preschooler.)

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