Ketogenic Living: Week Three Summary!

I missed a summary of week two. Whoops.

Husbeast and I wrapped up three weeks of keto eating. For more details on keto, check out my previous post or just google it.

We knew going in there’d be some rough going…the keto flu! Husbeast got this hard, especially general exhaustion. We determined it was a lack of electrolytes burning him out, and are working hard to up the salt in our diet, which will help retain potassium and magnesium.

Husbeast seems to have a very different experience than me so far. I’ve been losing a lot more than him and having a lot less symptoms.

I had pre-shark week, which brought on the munchies. I decided to start tracking foods with My Fitness Pal, which has a wonder of easy tracking foods (you can seriously use the barcode scanner and it will automatically put in the nutritional info for that food).

I also started keeping track of my measurements. Weight is a very inaccurate determination of how a fitness diet can progress, as everyone’s weight fluctuates, and women especially take on a bit of extra pre-shark week. So even when one’s scale refuses to budge, the decrease in circumference can be a great boost to confidence.

As far as the actual eating goes, the enjoyment of cheese and bacon cannot be said enough of. However, the pre-shark week sweet cravings were so hard (I’ve heard it gets better after a month or so, but we’ll see.) I tried two different keto brownie recipes, and I gotta be honest with you. They both sucked. I need some more good dessert keto sub recipes. But the general day to day deal eating has gone great. We have both been enjoying pork rinds, nuts, tuna salad, and lots of avacado. My personal daily favorite is the bulletproof coffee.

The biggest drawback continues to be all the cooking and the additional dishes. We’ve been trying to feed the kids healthier as well. They have been good sports and eating a lot better, and that means lots of time cooking and cleaning. A lot less time personally for writing and knitting. Husbeast’s work has been extra stressful, so we’ve kinda been scraping by as far as ‘getting stuff done’ and dropping extra things. Christmas decorating has not happened. Making sure kids get all reading homework done has not happened.

Since we’ve been all eating healthier, there has been a cost increase. Of course, the foods we switched to buying more of were all foods that have had significant price increases  during the last year or two (meat, nuts, produce).

We’re trying out interval training, which is supposed to be superior exercise for all the important things you do exercise for. I do feel my muscles getting stronger.

Overall, this is working. It’s taking a lot of effort to make happen, but for the first diet I’ve gotten results from since going hypothyroid in 2010, it’s worth the effort.

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