New Blog, Different Focus

I used to have a family blog. I stopped it for two reasons. The main reason was for my kids’ privacy. I want them to have control over what’s accessible to the whole world when they become older. We have the old blog preserved, just not online. I want to share my kids’ stories for a select audience. My children may appear in a generalized fashion on this blog, as in reflections on parenthood, but you will not see their faces or hear their names specifically. When they come online and form their own online personality, I want them to be able to control what info is out there on them.

The second reason was that after I posted my coming-out-as-an-atheist post, somebody got overly concerned my husband was an atheist too (despite the post saying absolutely nothing about him) and went to tell his Christian employers about their concerns. I am calling it that, but in reality it was just malicious gossip framed under the false name of concern. If you are really concerned about a person, you talk to them about it, you don’t take it to the damn school board so you can all ‘pray for them.’ So, to avoid confusion, I am creating a personal blog, not a family blog. Husbeast doesn’t want that sort of attention, or he would write his own blog. While we have a great deal in common, we have just as much different, and you should NEVER assume any opinion of mine is one of his.

This blog is not a family blog. It is a personal blog where I will track my own journey. It is for an adult audience. There will be cussing and discussing controversial subjects. I edit myself heavily on Facebook. There are so many things I feel strongly about I don’t want to broadcast to a wide array of people. I want to be able to talk about things I am passionate about, wondering about, researching to death, impacted by, and inspired by. I want to share the things I create through writing, fiber arts, or any other hobbies I pick up along my path. This is me, now with less filter and moreĀ passion.

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